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Guidance before the Treatment with the Fixed Braces

Cooperation of the patient with the doctor = the condition for the successful treatment
The orthodontic treatment requires good cooperation of the patient with the doctor. It is vital to go to see the doctor for a check-up regularly. Should you fail to come to the check-up regularly, you might risk the prolongation of the treatment, damage to your teeth and your teeth might want to come back to their previous position. The braces do not work automatically. They need to be adjusted and checked at every appointment. Regarding the check-ups, the orthodontist will try to conform to your time requirements. However, the check-ups may affect the school attendance or working hours from time to time.

Dental Hygiene
Only patients with perfect dental hygiene and healthy teeth can be treated at the orthodontist. Before seeing the orthodontist, the patient should see their stomatologist for a check-up. The patient should also see their stomatologist every six months during their Orthodontic Treatment. It is wrong to think that the patient does not have to go the see their stomatologist when under supervision of an orthodontist. Once the braces are fixed, the dental hygiene becomes more demanding. The doctor will instruct you about brushing both the braces and the teeth. A special brush for cleaning the braces as well as other gadgets for getting rid of the dirty coat on your teeth may come in useful. It is the dirty coat on your teeth that brings about dental decay and gum infection and slows down the process of putting your teeth in the right position by means of the braces. Toothpastes and mouthwash with fluoride are highly recommended. On the other hand, whitening toothpastes are not suitable. The material which fixes the wires to the teeth is also a great decay-fighter: it contains fluoride and gives it off to the surroundings. Therefore, the teeth will not decay underneath the fastenings. The decay may, however, occur when the fastening gets loose and is not fixed back soon after.

The Life with Braces
The actual fixation of the braces does not hurt. However, after the fixation or adjustment of the active parts of the braces, the teeth may be sensitive for a few days and/or they may feel loose. It is the sign that the tooth gets to the proper position. Those sensations should fade away soon. We recommend eating softer food during the first week after the fixation such as porridge, soup, yoghurts, and salads. During the whole treatment the patient should avoid eating caramels, hard bonbons, baked bread and nuts. It is advisable not to bite hard fruit; it should be sliced in thin pieces instead.
The patient, or their parents, should adjust their life to the treatment and protect the braces as much as possible. The patient will be rewarded with straight teeth and a beautiful smile.


Possible Complication

Explanation & What To Do

unbearable pain which spreads

see the orthodontist

prolongation of the active phase of the treatment

the result of unforeseen complications or unusual reaction of the dental texture

resorption of dental roots

shortening of the root of a tooth. It can hardly be foreseen. If it occurs, it is usually of a small extent and threatens neither the function nor the appearance.

an imperfect result

The patient has not observed the treatment requirements and the dental hygiene.
Sometimes, however, the tooth is intergrown in the bone. It happens for example after an injury. Fortunately this case is extremely rare.

General Health Insurance
covers entirely the price of the work – for 1 patient once in a lifetime for each jaw. The patient pays for the material used. The price of the material varies according to the type and seriousness of the defect. Some health insurance companies subsidize the material; the patient should inform about the subsidisation at their respective health insurance company. Our clinic will draw the confirmation needed at request.

The Price
Information on the price
is part of the consultation. The Financial Plan will be drawn along with the Treatment Plan (see “What Does the Treatment Look Like”).

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