MUDr. Eva Obermajerová - Orthodontist

Guidance and Instructions For the Treatment With the Removable Braces

  1. The removable braces need to be worn during the night and during the day when the child is at home (for instance when reading, doing their homework, playing or watching TV). The number of hours when the braces need to be worn is at least 12 hours a day.
  2. The first check-up will be stipulated by the orthodontist.
  3. Next check-ups follow every 6-9 weeks if not said otherwise.
  4. The braces need to be brushed twice a day (morning and evening at best) by a toothbrush or a handbrush, and a bar of soap. Clean then in pure water and put into the mouth onto the clean teeth. There are also special instant tablets for cleaning but still the braces need to be cleaned mechanically by a brush.
  5. If not in mouth, the braces are stored in a box with air holes. The box protects the braces from damage. The box has to be cleaned regularly as well.
  6. Only when you wear the braces regularly and go to regular check-ups, you will reach the result you desire.
  7. Should the braces intrude into the gums or keep falling out, make an appointment with your orthodontist immediately.

The price of the removable braces
depends on the work done and material used. The price for the laboratory work is also included. One part of the price is refunded by the medical insurance company, the other part is paid for by the patients themselves (their parents). The amount of money paid by the patient is related to the category of defect they have. The categories A – D are defined by the medical insurance company and are stipulated during the first three appointments in the surgery.

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